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    Expanding Horizons

    We are an open-source technology services company specialising in applications development and fully managed cloud & dedicated hosting solutions.

    - Steve Nice

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    AWS Expertise

    Official AWS Partner

    Experienced consultants

    Migrations & applications

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    Professional dedicated expertise

    Dedicated 24x7 support for business critical applications. We ensure your business keeps running and revenues are protected giving you 100% peace of mind.

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Incredibly impressive

About us

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Our Company

A trusted, conscientious and environmentally aware operator, Reconnix is an ISO 20000, ISO 27001 and BS9001 qualified business that has been trading for more than 10 years, serving both the public and private sector.

Reconnix understands our client's requirements, and all our solutions are driven by the core tenets of ISO 20000 and ITIL. From starting with detailed analysis to following through to a strategically planned implementation, every aspect of system health is considered. Our experienced team's mission is addressing client's needs by deploying technology that delivers real world business improvement.

Our Business Values

We help solve problems.

Admitting you need help is not easy, especially if you are a business owner or answer to one. We help key stakeholders who have challenges that they just do not know how to resolve by deploying technology. We do not believe in technology for technology’s sake, so without a specific challenge to face we don’t even start thinking about technology. By using this approach we can work together to demonstrate real value to the people that ask the tough questions.

We use open source

At Reconnix, we use open source technologies, we find the cultures around openly developed projects ensure that the products deliver:

  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Value for money
  • Investment in people not licenses

Contact us and learn what open source can do for you today.

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Reconnix actually listened and understood my problem

What We Do

Application Development

Applications focused on business goals, growth and maximising profit

Operations Management

We handle the day-to-day IT operations of your enterprise to simplify and streamline your business.

Infrastructure Management

Secure, scalable and robust 24/7 hosting for the delivery of your digital platform.

Professional Services

The expertise you need to ensure quality delivery and support.

Read more details about what we do
It's great to have a supplier that works with me to help reduce my costs

How We Work

1. Engage with your business.

Meetyour key stakeholders

  • The Project Sponsor & visionary
  • The Product Owner & daily contact
  • Your internal project manager

2. Understand your business.

Learnwhy you need our help

  • What's the current problem?
  • What are your business goals?
  • How will we measure success?

3. Plan the best solution for you.

Focuson achieving the goals

  • Understand the steps to success
  • Formulate an effective plan
  • Collaborate and agree on the steps

4. Develop, deploy and grow.

Deliverquality, consistently

  • Provide constant project feedback
  • Demonstrate excellent value
  • Prove return on investment
Reconnix took my security concerns very seriously.

Meet our front-of-house team

Steve Nice

Steve is responsible for the company’s technical strategy and continuing to build its market-leading technical team. A 20-year veteran of the software industry, Steve has worked with organisations such as the MOD, Boots, Ericsson and Merrill Lynch, before founding Reconnix in 2001. He is committed to driving innovation, expanding the business and its technical skill set.

Pat Nice

Pat Nice



As co-owner and founder of Reconnix, Pat spearheads strategic planning to make sure that the company’s ambitions are realised. She is responsible for building a strong and capable team, and growing stakeholder value. Prior to starting Reconnix, Pat worked in technology and related industries for over two decades.

Philip de Lisle

Philip de Lisle



A former serial entrepreneur, Philip has founded, built and directed multiple companies over the last 25 years. He has been working with the management team at Reconnix since 2011, to ensure that the company’s strategy and planning is done to maximise its potential and consistently improve its performance.

John Wallace

John Wallace

Account Director


As Account Director, John is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with Reconnix' clients, understanding their requirements and ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction. An experienced account manager, John has previously worked with clients in a wide range of sectors, from SMEs to corporates, public sector organisations, educational establishments, blue-light services and defence clients.

John Wallace

Caroline Rowe

Head Of Accounts


Caroline joined Reconnix in October 2011 as accounts assistant and her talents were immediately recognised fast-tracking her promotion to Head of Accounts in October 2012. Her daily duties liaising with clients has led her to be understanding and empathetic in all situations and she finds it easy to build rapport with people both in person and over the phone. Caroline has a management and administrative background which has garnered a unique methodical approach to her work.

John Wallace

Danielle Weatherley

Head of HR, H&S and Standards


Danielle joined Reconnix in July 2012, and heads up the organisation’s HR and recruitment processes. She oversees talent acquisition, rewards and recognition, organisational development and talent management. Danielle works closely with management to ensure that Reconnix attracts the top talent in the IT industry and is committed to enabling their development within the company’s unique culture.

Chris Davidson

Chris Davidson

Operations Manager


Chris has been part of the Reconnix team since 2007, starting as an apprentice and working his way up through the technical department to become Operations Manager. He is responsible for the Technical Operations department and is in charge of ensuring the operations department continues to provide the excellent standards they have come to expect from Reconnix.

Paul Adamson

Paul Adamson

Head of Development


Paul has been part of the Reconnix team since 2006. He is responsible for heading up the development department and is in charge of ensuring high quality delivery of all development related projects. He has almost a decade of experience in delivering highly technical and innovative projects to clients and is committed to ensuring that they always receive work that exceeds expectations.

Russ McKendrick

Russ McKendrick

Solutions Architect


Russ is an experienced solutions architect and has been working in IT and related industries for the better part of 21 years. He has a solid understanding of client requirements from both the technical and business perspective. During his career, he's had varied responsibilities in a number of industries. This has ranged from looking after the entire IT infrastructure of a busy entertainment company to providing first line, second line and senior support, as well as being a team leader, in client facing and internal teams for corporate organisations. Managing numerous clients, and working as part of project teams during the years, has given him a unique ability to help clients, internal and external, to identify the technology solutions that will truly benefit them.

Contact us


Innovation House,
Cafferata Way
Newark, Notts
NG24 2TN