Reconnix Are Proudly Sponsoring Symfony Live 2014

This year sees the third Symfony Live in London and the Reconnix team are delighted to be sponsoring this great event.

Paul and Alex will be there attending the talks to hear about the latest Symfony developments as well as learn new best practices around TDD. Steve and Wes will be there to help get our message out to the community.

We’re building a team of Symfony engineers to work specifically with our support department to handle the deployment and support of Symfony applications.

We have over 12 years experience with Linux support and we were one of the first ever AWS partners in the UK. We have the experience and skills to place lovingly crafted Symfony apps into their production environment and make sure they run as the product owner envisaged.

We will monitor, speed up, patch, update and even look after your users so you can get on with developing your next big thing. Think of us as your niche experts in application support, your own dedicated BAU team.

– Steve Nice, CTO

We will have a stand at the event, and it will be great to catch up with some really fantastic colleagues in the industry so if you see us and you have a question, don’t be afraid to come over and just ask.

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