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On the R.I.S.E

SparkFun Arduino Black and White

What an exciting week we’ve had so far! The R.I.S.E. challenge has generated a lot of interest around Reconnix. All the teams have been figuring out how the Sparkfun inventor’s kit works. They’ve been familiarising themselves with the amazing Arduino Uno R3. And, banging their heads together, trying to create something innovative. (If you are… Read more »

R.I.S.E. to the Challenge.

Black and White Group Which will rise

This week Steve Nice, C.E.O. of Reconnix, announced the R.I.S.E. (Reconnix. Innovate. Stimulate. Encourage) challenge. A team building exercise…with a twist. The challenge Utilising all the creativity and invention they can muster, the Reconnix staff have 6 weeks to create something innovative and useful using the Sparkfun inventor’s kit. To make things interesting, everyone has… Read more »