Arduino Fans: Steve Nice gets creative with the Arduino!

Find out how Steve used the Arduino for his latest creation.

In honour of the recently finished R.I.S.E. challenge, Steve brought in his Arduino project that he has been working on: An Arduino powered 3D printer.

Steve spoke about his Arduino project:

My 3D printer has been inactive since being built last year. For those who didn’t follow my progress I backed Blue Eagle Labs Kickstarter project for a 3D delta printer. I opted for the kit version so that I could learn as I assembled. It duly arrived and at first I was a bit overwhelmed by the task but quickly got to grips with it. It was larger than I thought standing almost a meter in height.

Arduino 3d Printer Power

Steve continues:

Constructing the actual hardware build took about 6 months on and off for a couple of hours per week. Working out the software and configuration was the next challenge.

Arduino Power 3D

Following instruction from other kit builders I got sorted and excitedly printed my first object (a small cube). Apart from a couple of other small objects I’ve not really made much use of it. I’m open to suggestions…

Now, being the sleuths that we are, we think that Steve’s 3D printer may have something to do with the next instalment of the R.I.S.E. challenge. Perhaps seeing the 3D printer will prompt the R.I.S.E. teams start planning their next project. Stay tuned to find out what’s in store…

Your turn. What do you think Steve has planned? What else can Steve print? Let us know. Leave a comment below.:)