Monthly Archives: November 2014

Research shows IT firms not ready for the move to IaaS just yet

Recently, Reconnix commissioned a survey that asked 100 IT decision makers for their thoughts on IaaS and migrating applications to the cloud. Gaining interest in the press, the research has highlighted some interesting findings and raised a few eyebrows. Of those that were asked, a staggering 82% of the IT decision makers said they do not believe… Read more »

Have we found a bug in Mailchimp?

Late yesterday afternoon (24/11/14), Reconnix became aware of a vulnerability within WordPress. The problem is with a cross-site scripting vulnerability that affects versions 3.9.2 and earlier. This particular vulnerability could allow an attacker to enter code on to the comments section of a blog post, enabling them to take control of the administrator’s account. So, as with… Read more »

PuppetCamp London 2014

Yesterday, I had day out of the office with Danny at the 2014 London PuppetCamp. It was the first time I had attended a PuppetLabs event, though I have streamed plenty of video from past camps and conferences. It was interesting to see how best practices had moved on (answer, lots) since I first had… Read more »