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Why Investment in OpenSource Technology Will Increase Significantly By 2018.


Reconnix recently surveyed 100 IT leaders in the UK’s private and public sectors. The survey revealed that, within the next five years, over half of respondents will spend at least 20% of their IT budget on OpenSource applications and software. The results also showed that as much as 61% of respondents intend to invest 20%… Read more »

On the R.I.S.E

SparkFun Arduino Black and White

What an exciting week we’ve had so far! The R.I.S.E. challenge has generated a lot of interest around Reconnix. All the teams have been figuring out how the Sparkfun inventor’s kit works. They’ve been familiarising themselves with the amazing Arduino Uno R3. And, banging their heads together, trying to create something innovative. (If you are… Read more »