Warning: CIOS Lack Skills Needed To Lead UK Business By 2018


Research by Reconnix suggests that IT leaders lack faith in the current crop of CIOs to lead IT in business in three years time.

73% of current IT leaders are unsure that the CIOs of today will be the right people to lead IT in the next three years.

The Future CIO study surveyed 100 UK-based IT leaders. The survey collected their thoughts on the future of technology leadership in the enterprise. Shockingly, 50% thought that CIOs will not be leading IT because they lack general knowledge. Moreover, 43% cited a lack of technical skills as a reason. 36 % also felt that their own knowledge of IT and their own skill sets will not be suitable for the IT landscape of 2018. Over a third do not believe that organisations are doing enough to guarantee future success for CIOs.

Extra Skills are Needed

The IT leaders also gave some insight into the skills that CIOs will need by 2018.

44% of IT leaders suggested that the CIOs of 2018 will have to be financially savvy. 33% cited that CIOs will need to be innovators. Whilst, 28% stated that they will need to be able to act as a trusted business advisor. Cross organisational collaboration will also be essential. The IT leaders think that CIOs will have to strengthen their relationships with other business heads: 27% think it should be with the heads of legal. 20% think it should be with CFOs. Whilst, 18% identified COOs as a priority relationship.

It is evident that today’s businesses are not giving CIOs support that they need. Many feel isolated and this sentiment is currently reinforced at board level. As it stands, more than a third of IT leaders do not believe that enough is being done to guarantee that future CIOs will have the skills they need to ensure business success. This lack of transparency and innovation at board level has to change if tomorrow’s CIOs are to be confident business leaders.

Explains Steve Nice, C.E.O. of Reconnix.

The Future of IT Services

56 % of IT leaders believe Cloud (IaaS, SaaS, Paas) will be fundamental to the delivery of IT services, in the next three years. The majority also think it will be important to have a knowledge in Open Source software.

CIOs naturally lead the charge in innovation. Our research shows that half feel that as new technological solutions are adopted it will require a new type of CIO to work with various business heads. Since CIOs intrinsically understand the IT space, it stands to reason that, to help drive technological and economic growth, they must also understand business strategy.

Clearly the CIOs role must change if they are to become the business leaders of tomorrow. To do this they need to develop the skills that our report indicates they are currently lacking.

Continued Steve Nice.

The Future CIO study gives a full overview of all the findings from the research and insights on how to be the CIO of tomorrow.

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