How PHPNW14 Was For Us


What a great weekend PHPNW 2014 was!

A great gathering of great minds will always be fun, but, the emergent themes of the weekend were a real turn-up for the books. Primarily, they focused around community, and the embracing and cooperating nature of all parts of the bigger PHP collective.

The opening keynote by Anthony Ferrara (@ircmaxell) set this message clear, showing examples of the victories of community projects and how, with PHP, we are all better together.

It was hard to ignore Jenny Wong’s (@miss_jwo) impassioned plea to the PHP community to embrace the WordPress community and educate together instead of treating them like an embarrassing uncle. As the closing keynote speaker Volker Dusch (@__edorian) put it…

Every time you make fun of a wordpress developer, a ruby programmer gets to make fun of you.

There were some good in-depth topics covering some very technical aspects of PHP such as getting the best from the compiler, or rethinking design patterns, or different takes on agile project management with Kanban (whiteboards all over the country will now be getting covered in post it notes).

And of course, the best part, the socialising. Talking to others who do similar roles and getting tips for improvements, understanding other companies’ and people’s pain points, or simply for validation of the things you’re doing right, the conference is a great success!

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