Facebook is going to break it’s API. Are you ready for it?

Facebook recently announced some significant changes to their development platform. The changes introduce a number of new features, including a new version & versioning system of the Graph API, a brand new Facebook login & permission system, a brand new PHP SDK.

Facebook announced the Graph API version 2 change at its F8 developer conference last year (For a full list of the changes refer to Facebook’s change log). Facebook will deprecate the older version of the API on 30th April 2015. So, If you do not update your app, you may experience some significant issues.

What’s going to happen if you don’t upgrade to version 2.0+ on 30th April, 2015? Well, you may experience:
  • Crashes on log in.
  • Errors caused by declined permissions.
  • Empty invite dialogs.
  • Degraded experiences due to dependencies on deprecated permissions.
  • Errors caused by changes in Graph API response format.
  • Palpitations (I made this bit up, but you get my point).
So, by the 30th April, 2015, the following will happen if you’re app is not using version 2.0+ in their API calls:
  • All API requests will behave as v2.0 API requests.
  • Only permissions which have been approved for use by Facebook through Login Review will be shown to people logging into your app.
  • All apps will have to explicitly request access to user_friends in order to call – /me/friends, or call the Invitable and Taggable friends APIs.
  • /me/friends will return only a person’s friends who also use the app.
  • friends_* permissions will be removed for all users of your app.
  • Anyone who logs in for the first time will be identified by an app-scoped ID.(source).

To avoid possible problems with your app, ensure that your API is up to date. For more information look here. Or, alternately, get in touch, we are more than happy to help.

Takeaway points: Facebook will deprecate v1.0 of their Graph API on 30th April, 2015. If you app continues to use v1.0 for API calls after the cut off point, your app may experience significant errors. Update your app API to version 2.0+. More information here.

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