Some Companies will Never be able to Cope with Peak Demand.

network-server-overloadIf your application can’t cope with peak traffic, you will lose revenue.

It doesn’t matter how lovely and sophisticated your customer facing apps are, if there’s superficial back-end support, then it’s a serious problem.

Now imagine this:

  • No panicking every time there’s a sales boom or peak traffic.
  • No haemorrhaging of revenue when your site/app inevitably dies under the pressure.
  • No working until you fall asleep trying to fix the problem.
  • Saying “yes” when a partner asks you to be involved in their Black Friday scheme.
  • A peaceful Sunday afternoon before Cyber Monday.
  • Some more time to work on that new project you’ve been talking about.
  • A happy confident CEO instead of a nervous wreck.
  • Developers beaming with delight when they see you’ve got a plan to support their wonderful product.

Just a little investment in back-end support and you’ll have an app/website that can better cope with sudden traffic demands and you’ll be able to rest assured that downtime is not inevitable.

Recently, retailers announced their Christmas sales figures, reporting huge volumes of traffic from online shoppers. It’s a real eye-opener to see that, In the days running up to Christmas, both Sainsbury’s and Waitrose suffered IT glitches, resulting in costly cancellations.

Paul Coby, CIO of John Lewis, speaking at the National Retail Federation, stated that, “having a pretty and award-winning front-end online and mobile is really important to have, but they’re useless unless you’ve sorted the back-end technology, because customers expect fulfilment to be accurate and on time.” In fact, he continued, “you can’t do one without the other.”

One of the best ways to impress your customers is to have a great looking customer-facing apps/sites. There’s no argument with that. However, if you don’t invest in back-end support, you’re gambling all that investment on hoping your backend support and processes hold up. Slow pages and abandoned baskets are orders lost, downtime is customers lost. Extended downtime is a completely trashed online reputation.

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