AWS Summits London 2015.

What a day!

Some of the Reconnix team were lucky enough to be able to attend the 2015 AWS Summits in London.

As soon as we stepped off the train, we quick marched to the ExCeL building. It was clear that this was going to be a big event. However, even we weren’t expecting to see this many people. Busy is not the word for it:


Despite the fact that there were nearly 4000 people attending, Amazon Web Services did not disappoint. It was very well organised, if a little cramped at the escalators. We were able to see nearly everything that we wanted to see.

Positive Takeaway Points from the Summit.

The day was jam packed with information and high points. The Featured Keynote Speaker was Werner Vogels, CTO, These are the keynote take away points that caught our eye and we hope you’ll find them interesting, too.

  • Redshift is the fastest growing service introduced by AWS.

According to chief technology officer Werner Vogels, Redshift data warehouse is the fastest-growing service in AWS’s nine-year history!

  • Transfer in/out S3 grew 102%.

The company’s Simple Storage Service (S3) is now measured using data transfers in and out of S3 rather than objects stored in S3 which has reached trillions. The rate grew 102%, in the fourth quarter of 2014.

  • 1,000,000 active EC2 customers in last 30 days. boast more than one million active EC2 customers. An account that has been used within the last 30 days and not on was classed as active.

  • More than 5 times the compute capacity than all the other 14 cloud providers combined.

Now that is a claim! Vogels commented:

If you look at the Gartner Magic Quadrant for last year AWS sits up and lonely in the upper right-hand corner…we’re fine with that. Gartner estimates that AWS is the undisputed market share leader, with more than 5 times the compute capacity than all the other 14 cloud providers combined.

A Couple of Small Negatives.

Now, as with any event this large, there are going to be a few downsides:

  • A number of the more technical aspects were left until the end of the day.

Due to travel concerns, we couldn’t attend the more technical aspects of the Summit. Perhaps next time they can mix it up a bit.

  • Too much time reiterating basic concepts

For those of us that were already familiar with the core concepts of AWS, we would prefer a bit more insight into the finer aspects of AWS. Perhaps, next time, there could be a separate “core concepts/introductory” seminar.

All in all the day gets a massive thumbs up from the Reconnix team. The event was well organised. Considering the fact that nearly 4000 people attended, it went very well.

Here’s to the next one.


P.S. Russ McKendrick, Solutions Architect at Reconnix, talks about the AWS Summits London 2015. Check it out.

Your turn. did you attend the AWS Summit? How did you find the whole day? Let us know, leave a comment below. :)