Nottingham AWS the Third.

Steve Bowman

The third Nottingham AWS Meetup was a resounding success!

What a great night.

The night kicked off with an informal chat/networking session in the bar area of Antenna. It was a time for people to relax, get themselves a drink, and have a chat.

Then, it was on to the main event. This time around, we didn’t host the talk in the main bar area of Antenna, we were in one of the conference rooms which had everything we needed and it meant that our guest speaker didn’t have to shout to be heard.

Our guest speaker was Steve Bowman. Steve is an experienced software developer with over 13 years commercial software development experience. He also runs the Amazon Web Services User Group for Hull & East Yorkshire. Steve gave an overview of the AWS Lambda service (a new service mentioned at AWS Summits London 2015). The service looked really exciting, with all sorts of interesting possible use cases.

Steve’s talk also included a fascinating real-time demonstration of Lambda—with audience participation!

The audience had to think of an animated Disney film that had only one word as the title made before April 2011. They then had to text their answer to a number. They then received a score back and the person with the lowest score was the winner, In a similar style to the T.V. programme Pointless.

Steve used the interaction to show how the Lambda Function works in real-time and it generated a lot of interest. For more information on Steve’s talk, you can view the slides here. You can also look at the Lambda SMS interactive code on GitHub.

Reconnix would like to say a big thank you to Steve Bowman for his talk. And, we look forward to inviting him to talk at another meet up in the future.

What do you think the answer is to Steve’s question? Leave your answers in the comments section below.:)