R.I.S.E. Update.

There’s been a change…

Unfortunately for you, but fortunately for the R.I.S.E. teams, the deadline for the challenge has been pushed back a week. I think this news comes as a great relief to the teams. They now have additional time to finalise their fantastic projects.

So, while the challenge is on hiatus, let’s take a look at some Arduino creations from elsewhere.

What’s happening in the World of Arduino?

The Arduino Smartwatch.

Well, since there’s so much hype about the new Apple Watch, here’s an Arduino version:


Geeky Gadgets have shown the world that all you need is an Arduino, a 3D printer, and some knowhow and you can have your very own, home-made smartwatch.

The Arduino watch was created by Alessandro Matera, using a desktop 3D printer to create the case.

Alessandro gives a clear example of some of the issues that will be facing our R.I.S.E. teams. Speaking to Geeky Gadgets, Alessandro points out that:

At the beginning, I had to change the CR2032 battery every day, even if the watch goes in power save when not in use. I was going crazy! After checking and checking again the code, I’ve found that I’ve inserted the power save instruction in the wrong place and the watch never went in power save!

I’m sure our teams have faced similar issue. And, I’m sure we’ll find out all about it next week.

Let’s look at the watch in action:

The Star Wars Imperial March with the Arduino

This is a personal favourite of mine. Since the new Star Wars teaser trailers have been released, it’s only fitting that an Arduino project should be Star Wars related.

Say hello to the Arduino powered floppy drive orchestra:

The Imperial March being performed using a few floppy drives and an Arduino processor to control the whole thing. A truly fantastic creation.

Both of these amazing Arduino projects should help to inspire our R.I.S.E. teams. Stay tuned for the final next week…

Your turn. Tell us about your Arduino projects. What did you find difficult? What inspired your project? Let us know, leave a comment below. :)

  • RISEnthusiast

    Are you going to video the presentations so we can see them in full action?

    • https://www.reconnix.com Billy Law-Bregan

      Hi RISEnthusiast.

      There will definitely be some photographs. But, I can’t guarantee that the presentation will be videoed.

      Thanks for the comment. :)