The R.I.S.E. Challenge Final is Here.

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It doesn’t seem that long ago since we introduced the R.I.S.E. challenge.

But, seven weeks have come and gone. Now, here we are at the final. The teams have finally revealed their creations.

Way back in the beginning of March, Steve Nice, C.E.O. of Reconnix, announced the R.I.S.E. (Reconnix. Innovate. Stimulate. Encourage) challenge. A team building exercise…with a twist.

Utilising all the creativity and invention they can muster, the Reconnix staff have 6 weeks to create something innovative and useful using the Sparkfun inventor’s kit. To make things interesting, everyone has been split into four teams: Team A, Team B, Team C and Team D. During office hours, each team has 2 hours per week to get their respective virtual soldering irons out and create something new and exciting.

Lets have a look at the creations of each team:

Team A

Team A Yoga Buddy

Team A want with an Arduino system that involved attaching accelerometers to specific points on your body. The accelerometers would then measure the position of your limbs according to the yoga position that you were trying to achieve.

Team B

Team B Temp Sensor
Team B built an Arduino thermostat that would measure the temperature of the Reconnix server room. If the room reached a certain temperature, the device would send an alert to one of the technicians via Slack.

Team C

Team C Notification
Team C created an Arduino notification system for the tickets raised at Reconnix. The device would show how many tickets were in a queue. The colour of the display changed when the ticket reached a certain limit.

Team D

Team D Jelly Baby Sensor

Team D created an Arduino safe box and intruder system. The box sounds an alarm when an intruder tries to take the contents.

Pat Nice was the judge. She thought all of the ideas were great, and that each team showed great ingenuity. However, as they say, there could be only one.

So, the winning ideas was…

(drum roll please)

Team D!

Their protective safe device, which was protecting a bag of Jelly Babies in the demonstration, was the winner. Their prize is an all expenses paid visit to Bletchley Park during work time! Well done Team D.

Until then, stay classy, Arduino Fans.:)

That’s it. The R.I.S.E. Challenge is finished. Now it’s your turn. What did you think to the challenge? Should we do another one? Let us know. Leave a comment below. :)

  • RISEnthusiast

    That is a great way to show team building. However, Team A had the most ambitious idea and if it worked deserved the win. Team B is probably the most useful and Team C is the neatest and tidiest. To be honest I would probably buy one. Team D is not very useful and a really simple idea. I don’t think the right decision was made at all.

    • BillyLB

      Hey RISEnthusiast.

      Thanks for the reply. How would your podium look?

      1. Team A?

      I think that some of the teams are going to continue working on their projects. So, keep an eye out for updates.