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More than meets the eye: How some of the latest tech trends are saving lives

Mobile computing. Big data. Wearable technology. It’s easy to get caught up in the latest buzz words and industry hype without seeing the real-world difference that technology can make. Fortunately, in the case of the three buzz phrases mentioned above the benefits of each are starting to be realised, in perhaps the most important way… Read more »

What’s holding back innovation in government?

Steve Nice, Chief Technology Officer at Reconnix, the Open Source applications ecosystem company, shares his thoughts on the current state of Open Source adoption in the public sector from the perspective of an SME supplier. He also highlights three key steps to unleashing its potential. Much has been written about the use of Open Source… Read more »

Investment in Open Source Technology to Increase Significantly by 2018

Our recent survey, which aggregated the views of 100 IT leaders in the UK’s private and public sectors, revealed that more than half of respondents will spend at least 20% of their IT budget on Open Source applications and software within the next five years. Results also showed that as much as 61% of respondents… Read more »