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On the R.I.S.E

SparkFun Arduino Black and White

What an exciting week we’ve had so far! The R.I.S.E. challenge has generated a lot of interest around Reconnix. All the teams have been figuring out how the Sparkfun inventor’s kit works. They’ve been familiarising themselves with the amazing Arduino Uno R3. And, banging their heads together, trying to create something innovative. (If you are… Read more »

Silicon Forest


I can remember that, not long ago, London was the place to go for the latest developments in web-based technology. But, that’s no longer the case. With spiralling costs, London is now the most expensive place in the world to have office space. It’s time to look elsewhere. Following Mark Carney’s speech┬ánaming the East Midlands… Read more »

Open Stack Training London

Our CTO Steve Nice, recently attended a training course for Open Stack in London, here are our thoughts.