R.I.S.E Challenge Update.

Team Collage 2

Well, that’s it. Another week has flown by, leaving our teams with only 4 weeks until they have to present their finished items.

But what a week! The guys have been busy getting their heads down, cracking on with the tasks set out in the Sparkfun Inventor’s Kit, all the while trying to perfect their creations.

(For those of you that have not been keeping up with our R.I.S.E challenge—you know who you are—follow these two links: Part 1 & part 2.)

David Curran, a member of Team D, had this to say about the challenge:

The RISE challenge has provided an opportunity for me to get hands-on with learning something new. Getting to play with tech is exciting and why I got into this area so it really interests me. Working in a team of mixed technical abilities has provided an extra challenge with ensuring that everyone is working at the same rate. I like the feeling of building up a circuit and then having it work, then trying to understand why it has worked by examining the code and circuit diagrams to see which part was what.

So, it looks like the R.I.S.E. is a real hit with the Reconnix staff. We still haven’t decided on a prize for the winning team, so, why not make a suggestion below.

P.S. Next week, Saturday 28th March, is Arduino day. stay tuned for our contribution…

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